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Pointing in the right direction

Wheel alignment is not just for performance cars!

From a casual glance, tyres can look like they have plenty of tread, but many are spotted at MOT to be wearing badly, a bit of an unwelcome surprise for the motorist! Turning your wheels to a full lock in either direction will allow inspection of the tread on the inner edge for the front wheels. It can take a short amount of time for a tyre to wear through and expose the wires that make up its structure.

Wheel alignment costs vary according to the type of vehicle. One with a simpler suspension system does not take very long and will keep you safely pointing in the right direction, save fuel, and will allow you full use of the tyre! As it is the only contact between you and the road, you should use as much of it as you can.

Terminology within the industry can be confusing, "tracking" is a term that gets used often and most often refers to only assessing the front axle of the car. Even if there is little to no adjustment on the rear axle, a four wheel alignment will always give the most accurate results as it takes into account set back. Set back is the difference in distance between the right and left wheelbase length, which can be within tolerance and present from manufacture, or resultant form impact damage.

Signs that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment

The vehicle pulls to one side

The steering wheel does not return to centre

Excessive tyre wear for only part of the tyre

Remember that some of these symptoms can also present just because your tyre pressures are wrong! Be sure to check them regularly.

You can make a booking for alignment in our online portal

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