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An annual safety inspection that is a legal requirement for cars over 3 years old. Avia is a Class 4 MOT Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) and is listed on the government website. There are over 60,000 MOT testers in the UK, around 300 of them are women. Hayley Pells has been proactive in her work bringing greater diversity to the sector which has been recognised by the Institute of the Motor Industry, awarding her the Patron's award in 2020. Her work developing motorist knowledge is listed on the government blog.

DVSA MOT test fees and appeals poster (link to government site)

DVSA MOT History & MOT expiry date check service (link to free government site)



  • Lube service -Oil flush and drain followed by a renewal of oil, filter and sump plug.

  • Minor service - Oil flush and drain followed by a renewal of oil, filter and sump plug. The vehicle is then inspected and any findings presented for review by email.

  • Major service - Oil flush and drain followed by a renewal of oil, filter and sump plug. Change of air, pollen and fuel filters as per manufacturer recommendation. Spark plugs changed if required. The vehicle is then inspected and any findings presented for review by email.

  • Timing belt change - As manufacturer recommends, not all cars require this service as they may  be fitted with a chain.

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) service - Many electric vehicles have little to no fluids to change, but still require regular inspection and service checks.


  • Service - Especially useful if your car has been stood for a while, components are stripped, inspected and reused wherever possible.

  • Handbrake adjustment - suitable for cars with a manual handbrake.

  • Brake fluid change - brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water from the atmosphere over time, its regular renewal is required and is determined by using a refractometer.

  • Replacement - this generally refers to pads (or shoes) and discs. It can include callipers, hoses, lines and modules. 


Check - Avia offers a simple check service, ideal if you simply want the reassurance that a previous alignment requires no further work or adjustment.
Toe & Go - Tracking is the process for cars that have very little adjustment and the process is only applied to the front two wheels. The service offered at Avia is called "Toe & Go" and is ideally suited to vehicles with a single beam back axle or cars with no adjustment at the rear. This is a good, economic option for vehicles who don't require the accuracy of a four wheel alignment.
Standard Four Wheel Alignment - Four Wheel Alignment is applied to all four wheels and is a more complex process than simple tracking to ensure the vehicle travel is straight and true, thus also improving fuel efficiency and handling. Referencing the rear wheels accounts for setback. Setback is the term used to describe one rear wheel is set further back than the other rear wheel from the fronts. Even if your car has no adjustment on the rear end, working out the thrust angle will give greater accuracy for adjustment on the front. Any thrust condition as the rear will upset even the most accurate service performed solely on the front.This service is not suitable for performance, luxury, modified or lowered cars.
Performance or Prestige Four Alignment - This service is for vehicles that have increased capability for adjustment, usually luxury or performance vehicles. It is not suitable for highly modified cars. This four wheel alignment can use ballast weights and addresses the additional adjustments that are the standard expectation for a prestigious marque. A preferred service for some sports cars, necessary for the correct alignment of luxury cars. It is advisable to check your manufacturer's preferred fuel tank level for optimal results.
Performance set up - specialist service for performance cars capable of adjustment. Not suitable for extreme modifications or "stanced" vehicles - please contact the workshop for further information. The following adjustments are included:

  • Ride height & ground clearance

  • Four wheel alignment

  • Camber

  • Castor

  • Corner weight adjustment

  • Test drive - ideally by the technician and yourself. Your car must be road legal in order for this stage to be completed. For full competition cars an allowance of time can be made for minor adjustments if arranged in advance.


  • Initial Diagnostic - An investigation service to establish if further repair is needed. This booking is for an hour, if further time is required at extra cost, you will be contacted for approval.

  • Gas Analysis - An analysis of exhaust emissions, generally this service is for professional level use.

  • Fluid Analysis - Particularly suitable for engine oil, giving a health check of the engine. This service includes extraction and lab time. Extraction takes a short amount of workshop time, please ask for the current lab lead time at booking.


Our diverse and well equipped, award winning workshop can perform many repairs for cars old and new. Please get in touch to discuss any automotive needs you may have. Using our integrated digital reporting system, we are able to send workshop reports with pictures explaining our findings and recommendations for your consideration. 

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